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     Wolf, who is the President & Founder of "Walk of the Warrior" is also the artist of these images. Below he will describe the meanings and definitions of both these images and how they relate to "Walk of the Warrior" and fund raising.

      In the first image which is called "Holding Council with Oneself", is a depiction of when we all get to the crossroads in our lives. When I was at the crossroads there seemed to be a lot of internal dialogue. Different voices saying "do this" or "do that", "go here" or "go there". It felt like I was dealing with the battle within so to speak. I was finding out that I was my own worst enemy, striving to be my own best friend. It felt like spiritual warfare between my mind and my heart. So the person second from the left depicts the elder that is within all of us that carries the wisdom and the knowledge. I am able to get in touch with him when I quiet my mind and still my heart, pray and meditate and look within myself. The other people in the drawing, as a metaphor, represent the different aspects of oneself, that is why they all look similar to each other. So he is just sitting there listening to all the different facets of himself doing some serious soul searching in order to find which direction to go. The crossroads for myself had to do with being challenged by addictions to drugs and alcohol. One direction led to my recovery and the other direction led to my destruction. I made the decision after getting in touch with the elder within to get into a drug and alcohol program and back into the sweat lodge. From there I was able to follow my dreams and visions and form Walk of the Warrior. This is why it is so significant that I use these drawings for fund raising for the program. One Hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of these images will be contributed to the Walk of the Warrior. A drug and alcohol outreach program brought from American Indians delivered to American Indians who are on state and federally recognized reservations.

     The second image called "Spiritual Warriors", came about after I came to the conclusion that what I was dealing with was spiritual warfare. And that it took spiritual warriors to make the necessary adjustments in order to recover my life and address my addictions. Even though they have weapons it's not about violence, they are just used as a metaphor to depict a warrior in battle with himself. A true warrior's weapons are the weapons of love and forgiveness, in order to walk to the healing circle. It takes the discipline of a peaceful warrior to understand this. The tools and weapons of a spiritual warrior are love, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. A spiritual warrior also exhibits acceptance, tolerance, patience, and humility. Internally, they have faith, hope, trust, and prayer. Externally, they display gratitude, generosity, kindness, and gentleness. A warrior's walk consists of open mindedness, willingness to be teachable, and self-empowerment.

     We appreciate your generous contributions and support through purchasing these images. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these images will be contributed to the "Walk of the Warrior" outreach program. All purchases are tax deductable and upon your request, you will receive the proper documentation for the tax deduction.